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Bookkeeping Services Q&A

What is Bookkeeping Services Singapore?

Through the years, Singapore has had one of the most successful economies in the world. There are many businesses that thrived here. It has been one of the safest places to build a business as it has a booming economy. Incorporation in Singapore is varied. They all come from various sectors and industries. Businesses here come from construction, energy, computer, manufacturing, mining, food, healthcare, and many more. It is considered an economic hotspot as it has one of the most active and stable ones. The stock market in Singapore is also a field that business owners want to be in.

However, building your own business is risky. There are many things that you need to do to make sure that everything is legal and running. Setting up a business is risky even in a stable economy like Singapore. Even if Singapore offers one of the most secured financial positions for a business, the crowded economy makes it harder to stand out.

The challenges and obstacles one will face are a continuous cycle as you go on through the journey of having your own business. As you try to run your own, there are many things that must be accomplished to make sure that it remains profitable. One of these things is bookkeeping Singapore processes.


  1. Our book-keeping/accounting service (Monthly/ Quarterly/ Yearly/ On-site) includes:

    • Entering all transacted accounting records such as sales invoices and payment vouchers.
    • General ledger maintenance.
    • Accounts payable ledger maintenance.
    • Accounts receivable maintenance.
    • Bank reconciliation.
    • Management report (i.e. Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet).
    • Management of a reliable payroll software Singapore system.

    By the end of periodical services, we will generate necessary management report for your approval.


Please provide us the following details:

  • ACRA Business Profile
  • Latest Financial Report or Management Report
  • Estimated Annual Sales Turnover of Company


  1. Monthly Accounting (From: S$300 Per Month)
  2. Yearly Accounting (From: S$1,500 Per Year)

**Additional Special Rates for XERO users

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What is bookkeeping?

One of the things that must be kept in check is the bookkeeping aspect. Bookkeeping Singapore procedures play an important role in every business. They are a vital part to make and ensure that a business is on the right path. It is the process of keeping documents that are related to the company’s financial transactions.

This also involves preparing financial statements like income statements and balance sheets. Bookkeeping Singapore procedures also include keeping a record of the payroll of employees, sales and purchases, bank statements, and many others.

This may be a daunting task to do as it requires a professional with a solid background in bookkeeping services Singapore but there are many ways to make this easier. One is hiring external help that can immediately help you get started with bookkeeping. There are many bookkeeping services Singapore firms that offer high-quality services to any type of company. You may think that hiring external help is costly, however, you will find that it is a practical investment, So, in this article, let us talk about some advantages of hiring a bookkeeping services Singapore firm.

What Are The Advantages of hiring bookkeeping services Singapore?

There are many advantages of hiring a bookkeping company. For example:

Ensures compliance

One of the advantages of hiring a firm that offers the service of bookkeeping Singapore processes is that you can be sure that your company abides by the laws. One of the primary tasks of firms that offer bookkeeping services Singapore is to organize bank statements and payroll of your employees. Bank statements are tricky as it would involve a lot of money.

Money that will keep your company alive and running for a long time. There are many laws that are involved when it comes to such company-bank transactions especially when it is a highly-profitable company. Hiring an experienced bookkeeper will make sure that these bank transactions are legal and are up to date.

The payroll services of your employee are also one of the things that can be lifted from your shoulder if you hire a professional. There are many acts that protect employees against employer abuse. Abuse involves not getting paid on time or the right amount.

When you hire a bookkeeper, he or she can make sure that these laws are met. They will be the ones to take over the payroll and make sure that employees are being compensated in accordance with the law.




Hiring a professional on bookkeeping Singapore services is also cost-effective. This is because they already know what to do or how to conduct the bookkeeping. Since bookkeeping is a vital part of a company’s success, it is inevitable. That means that it must be done one way or another.

The best path is to hire a professional immediately instead of making one of yo0ur employees take over. 

Bookkeeping requires certain skills and qualifications to be done correctly. Hiring an already qualified and experienced bookkeeper will be more practical than training a new one. It may be more costly in the beginning, however, you will realize that you will save more along the way.

You will not have to train a new one which requires time and money resources. You can opt to hire a bookkeeper from a known firm to make sure that he or she is already experienced. 


Can help with long-term planning

Since bookkeeping involves overseeing the check and balance of the company, it can give an overview of how the company is doing. The bookkeeper can submit reports regarding the overall status or condition of the company. Bookkeeping Singapore procedures involve checking almost every aspect and department of the company, thus, it can gauge how the company is currently fairing.

It can provide assessments on many things. For example, it will reflect which methods or marketing strategies are effective since the financial statements will provide that. The owner CEO can immediately address things that present more problems than a solution.

They can plan to whether continue, improve, or replace certain strategies depending on how effective and profitable these things are. 

Come and Grow with us

The Singapore market may be intimidating as involves complicated requirements. Making a company alive may be complicated in Singapore, however, there are many things that can help you through this process. There are many external entities that you can hire to help with these kinds of procedures. As an accounting service provider in Singapore, we have lots of experience with offering a helping hand to businesses. Contact us today to know more.