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Immigration Services

According to Henley Passport Index in 2019, Singapore has the strongest passport in the world.

Contact WLP Group to find out more about immigrating to one of Asia’s most technologically advanced cities.

Incorporate and Register Company in Singapore

We are one of the top Singapore company registration services provider. Find out about the business registration singapore documents needed in the process of setting up a local company in Singapore.

Accounting & Tax

WLP Group proides MSCT accounting and tax services and prepares financial statements in accordance with ACRA and IRAS’s statutory requirements. Our team will advice on corporate tax matters to help mitigate your tax obligations within legal boundaries.

Register and Incorporate Company in Singapore

With its corporate taxes being one of the lowest in the world, Singapore is one of the most popular countries to register and incorporate a company, and start business operations as soon as possible.

At WLP Group, we have an experienced team whom have helped to incorporate hundreds of entrepreneurs to incorporate company in Singapore over the past few years. Meet with us for a free consultation to hear about how we can streamline the incorporation and setting up of your company.


Our team will advice you on which company structure suits your business best, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of certain corporate structures such as incorporating as a sole proprietor compared to a private limited company. You can set up and register a company in Singapore with just a few easy steps – decide on a company name, provide us with the necessary information, set up a business bank account and start business in Singapore!

Aside from our fast and easy Singapore company incorporation process, WLP Group is a one-stop business solution provider. We provide immigration, tax and accounting services to our clients as well. Call us at +65 6493 2970 for a free Singapore company registration consultation or to enquire about our Singapore company incorporation fees!




Company Registration Singapore Requirements

1. Register your new Singapore company name

On the Singapore government ACRA website, check for your selected company name. If available, book the name and pay a small booking fee. However, please note that the booking is temporary and you will need to incorporate your company soon after to complete your business registration Singapore process.

2. Prepare the necessary information of your new company

Guided by our experienced team of company registration Singapore consultants, fill up the government incorporation forms that will require information such as the type of corporate entity and list of shareholders.

3. File all necessary documents with ACRA

Once the first two steps mentioned above have been followed and approved, file all neccessary materials with ACRA to incorporate your new local Singapore company!


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WLP Group provides a range of services, from accounting to company incorporation services. Contact us at +65 9761 2094 or info@wlp.com.sg for a free Singapore company registration consultation.

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