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According to Henley Passport Index in 2019, Singapore has the strongest passport in the world.

Contact WLP Group to find out more about immigrating to one of Asia’s most technologically advanced cities.

Company Incorporation Singapore

We are one of the top Singapore company registration services provider. Find out about the documents needed in the company incorporation singapore process. Come in for a free consultation about setting up a local company in Singapore.

Accounting & Tax

WLP Group provides MSCT accounting and tax services. WLP Group prepares financial statements that are in accordance with ACRA and IRAS’s statutory requirements. Our team will advice on corporate tax matters to help mitigate your tax obligations within legal boundaries. In addition, WLP Group provides payroll services. Our consultants provide payroll management services using trusted Singapore payroll software.

Business Registration Singapore Services

Company Incorporation Singapore

Singapore has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world. Additionally, we are known for having an easy company incorporation Singapore process. Therefore, many entrepreneurs choose to expand into Singapore as a means to expanding operations into Asia.
At WLP Group, we have an experienced team of company incorporation Singapore consultants. Our consultants have helped many entrepreneurs through the process of company incorporation Singapore. Meet with us for a free consultation. Hear about how we can streamline the company incorporation Singapore process!

Our consultants will help you through the process of company incorporation Singapore. Our incorporation consultants will help you decide the ideal entity type for your new business. There are many entity types for entrepreneurs to choose from, such as sole propriertoships, partnerships and private limited companies. Each entity type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a private limited company provides the shareholders with limited liability. However, a private limited company is also more costly and time consuming to set up.

Our team will advice you on the company structure that best suits your business best. You should select an company entity type most suitable for your industry and business model. Furthermore, our team will advice you on the pros and cons of certain corporate structures. For example, we will advice you on incorporating as a sole proprietor compared to a private limited company. In addition, our team will help you to set up a corporate bank account. Our consultants can also help with tax filings after the process of company incorporation in Singapore.

You can set up a new company in Singapore with just a few easy steps. First, decide on a company name. Then, provide us with the necessary information. Finally, set up a business bank account and start business in Singapore!

WLP Group is a one-stop business solution provider. We provide immigration, tax and accounting services to our clients as well. Call us at +65 6493 2970 for a free Singapore company registration consultation. Alternatively, drop us a message to enquire about our Singapore company incorporation fees!


Register A New Business In Singapore

Company Incorporation Singapore Requirements

1. Register your new Singapore company name

How can you start the company incorporation Singapore process? Check for your selected company name on the ACRA (government) website. If available, book the name and pay a small booking fee. However, do note that the company name booking is temporary. You need to incorporate your company after the company name has been approved.

This is the first step to completing the company incorporation Singapore process. If your application is not filed within a couple of weeks, the temporarily booked company name will be released back to the public for registration.

2. Prepare the necessary information of your new company

Fill up the legal forms with our company incorporation Singapore consultants by your side. Information such as the type of corporate entity and list of shareholders is required.

Our incorporation consultants will also ask for your personal information including your address, shares in other businesses, legal documentation and more.

3. File all necessary documents with ACRA

Fill all the necessary materials with ACRA after the first two steps have been approved. Foreigners need to go through the process with a company incorporation Singapore professional. Company incorporation professionals will be able to help identify commonly made mistakes. Small mistakes could result in a delay of weeks.

In some cases, easily avoidable errors could even result in a delay of months. This will stop you from focusing on your new product or service.

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WLP Group provides a range of services. This ranges from accounting to payroll outsourcing Singapore to company incorporation Singapore services. Contact us at +65 9761 2094. Contact us at info@wlp.com.sg for a free Singapore company registration consultation.

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Company Incorporation Singapore Services

Importance of Selecting a Good Incorporation Consultant

There is a lot of paperwork and legal regulations during the process to incorporate a company in Singapore. Foreign entrepreneurs often look to Singapore when planning to expand into Asia. Aside from its low corporate tax rate of 17%, Singapore is a beautiful city filled with innovative skilled workers. A good company incorporation Singapore consultant will help you through the application forms. WLP Group has been featured on FinestInCity Singapore as one of the best company incorporation service providers in Singapore.

In addition, an experienced incorporation consultants will warn you of commonly made mistakes. For example, one common mistake is not registering the company name through ACRA before starting the application. Approval from ACRA (for the company name) may take weeks. Waiting till the application process to register and book a company name will delay the company incorporation Singapore application unnecessarily. A good incorporation consultant will warn you of this and go the extra mile to ask whether you had thought of a company name, whether you have any questions, and help you through the booking process. 

An experienced incorporation firm will also be familiar with the legal regulations in setting up a new company. They will be able to walk you through the many legal forms and answer any questions that you may have. Never sign something you don’t understand. Making any errors or declaring false information will lead to costly outcomes in the future. Aside from its greenery, Singapore is known for its strict punishments. The cost of working with a good experienced incorporation firm is small compared to the huge legal fees that you may have to pay in the event of declaring false information to the government.

As an entrepreneur, you should always understand corporate taxes and local regulations. For example, foreign entrepreneurs expanding into Asia are required to work with a local company incorporation Singapore firm. Foreign entrepreneurs are also limited in their choice of entity types.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t do everything yourself – you have to outsource time-consuming work. Your time should be spent focused on developing your product or selling your service. Leave the company incorporation application to experienced professionals.

Call +65 64932970 for a free consultation with one of our incorporation consultants!