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A story in Singapore about accounting fraud — Noble fined $9M for misleading financial statements

I’ve already written about the Enron Scandal. Now, I’ll be writing about a local accounting fraud story in Singapore – Noble fined USD $9M for misleading financial statements. Noble Group is a commodity trading company that was found guilty of publishing misleading information on its financial statements after a 4 year investigation which started after … Read more

How accounting fraud bankrupt Enron

Enron was an American multinational in the energy industry. Enron was eventually shuttered in December 2001. It’s fall was a huge milestone and set the stage for the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 and was a huge stock to American investors and the public since it had been long hailed as one of the largest multinationals … Read more

What is an annual return?

An annual return is a term by ACRA and is not to be confused with an annual report or financial report. An annual return is a document that contains information about a company that was incorporated in Singapore: Directors’ names Information about the company secretary Date of its financial statements Any key information about the … Read more

How to learn xero yourself

Xero is one of the largest and widely used SME accounting software in the world. It offers many features from invoicing to billing customers to dealing with foreign currencies. But since it offers such a huge range of features. it can be difficult for beginners to use. There are many tutorials on Youtube and there’re … Read more

How to Keep Meetings Short, Efficient and Effective

Do you ever feel like your place of work calls too many meetings? Do these meetings often keep you from actually getting your work done? If so, you’re not alone. Employees and executives around the world have to spend hours in meetings each day, which can stretch the workday beyond official hours and arrest productivity … Read more

How to Upgrade your Restaurant Billing System

Running a restaurant is one of the most stressful and challenging jobs in the world. If there was a way to make this job easier, and improve restaurant operations, wouldn’t you take it? Well, there is. You can upgrade your restaurant billing system and ensure the smooth running of all operations.  A restaurant billing system … Read more

A Short Guide to Singapore’s Tax System and Tax Incentives for Entrepreneurs

Since it gained independence in 1965, the island city-state of Singapore has risen to a position of prominence in the international business community. Its stable political environment, well-developed infrastructure, strategic location and business-friendly policies are just a few factors that have contributed to its success. Singapore is now recognised globally as one of the most … Read more