WLP Group

Why Cloud base Accounting

What is Cloud base accounting? Cloud base system has been with us for as long as 2 decades if not more. But, it has not been for the past 10 years or so that the cloud base system has truly set its presence in our daily usage from business software to entertainment systems. So why … Read more

Why choose XERO

Why Xero is important to your business? When you hit up a search button countless of searches will appear, it can be counterproductive, leaving you stranded in a pile of confusing information to the point where you almost wished you did not search for them in the first place. The internet is useful as it … Read more

PSG Grant

What is PSG Grant? What exactly does a customer constantly look for when a deal is struck, be it a simple blouse bought from the online store to tons of raw material or a project that involves hundreds and millions of dollars? It is none other than the promise of time which none can spare … Read more