Under Section 171 of the Companies Act, all companies in Singapore are required to appoint a corporate secretary within 6 months of incorporation. This includes foreigners who have just set up a company in Singapore.

The Secretary appointed by the Company is responsible for ensuring that the Company is in compliance with the government authorities. They are also responsible to make certain that all Board Members of the Company are well-informed of their legal responsibilities towards the Company. There are many responsibilities that the company secretary needs to take on, hence it is important for them to be well-equipped with sufficient knowledge of the company and experienced in handling and maintaining the essential legal documents needed by the company.

Eligibility of Company Secretary

  1. A person physically residing in Singapore
  2. Resident of Singapore
  3. With the mandatory knowledge, experience, academic and professional qualifications
  4. No debarment order against him or her by the Registrar, on the date of appointment
  5. He or she is not the sole director of the Company

The Roles of a Company Secretary

  1. Updating and Filing with ACRA
  • Appointment, resignation or death of company officers
  • Update of directors’ particulars
  • Filing of Annual Returns
  • Amendments to the Company Constitution
  • Share allotments or transfers
  • Changes in the company name
  1. Maintenance and Upkeep of Statutory Registers
  • Filing of signed Board Resolutions
  • Maintenance of Minutes Book (AGMs and EGMs)
  • Issue of shares
  • Distribution of Annual Report and company accounts
  1. Preparation of Board Meetings and AGMs
  • Distributing company’s financial reports
  • Attendance and taking of meeting minutes
  • Preparation of meeting agenda
  • Preparation of director’s resolutions
  1. Miscellaneous Services
  • Reminders for filing deadlines
  • Ensure the safekeeping and proper use of the Company Seal (if any)
  • Monitoring shareholder register and movement of shareholders
  • Maintaining shareholder relations

Secretarial Services in Singapore

With all these requirements, it may be exceptionally difficult to find an appropriate secretary for your company, especially if you are a foreign entrepreneur who had just set up a company in Singapore. Some Singapore Company Registration Services offer a follow-up service for their clients to hire a secretary, but if your service provider lacks this, you can engage WLP’s Secretarial Services for a professional company secretary. Our services include appointing a capable secretary with in-depth knowledge of your company’s industry, and offer a professional secretarial advisory if you have any queries. Contact us today to set up a consultation session.