A CorpPass is used by all business and companies in Singapore as a digital unique business identity. Corppass is mainly used for online transactions with Government agencies such as IRAS, ACRA, CPF etc.

With effect from 1st September 2018, the CorpPass is made mandatory for all businesses in Singapore to replace other existing login methods (E.G  SingPass and EASY) to make transactions online. CorpPass serve to be a single corporate digital identity and this will create opportunities for more services and transactions conducted online to be provided in a convenient and secure manner.

Currently, CorpPass are required for not only for Singapore entities but also for foreign business entities who wish to access majority of Singapore Government Business digital services.

CorpPass Registration

Currently, only entities register or incorporated in Singapore with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and foreign entities are eligible to register for a CorpPass.

Step 1: Local Officer with SingPass to log on to CorpPass Website (

Step 2: State the role of CorpPass Account

There can only be a maximum of 2 Admin accounts per entity however there is no limitation to the number of CorpPass users per entity. Currently, there are four types of CorpPass account available to choose from:

  • The CorpPass Administrator account (CorpPass Admin)
  • The CorpPass Sub-Administrator account (CorpPass Sub-Admin)
  • The CorpPass Enquiry User account
  • The CorpPass User account


The roles of CorpPass Admin and CorpPass Sub-Admin are able to do majority of the transactions with the government digital services, create other CorpPass accounts and managing the users. They have all access to the functions of the CorpPass. For the role of CorpPass Enquiry User, he or she is only able to transact with digital services and view the entity details on CorpPass whereas the CorpPass user account is only able to transact with digital services.

For entities who wish to register for CorpPass, they would need to engage the help of a Registered Officer (RO) who has a SingPass account to get the registration done.

Step 3 – Appoint and Register a CorpPass Account(s) for the Entity

The RO has the authority to approve, view and terminate the CorpPass Administrator accounts by transacting with their SingPass on the CorpPass website. The RO is required to register for a CorpPass Administrator account for himself/ herself and have then create a CorpPass User account for the relevant parties.