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Expat health insurance is intended for foreigners (neither Singaporeans nor permanent residents) who have relocated to Singapore with a valid visa to work and live. Foreign worker insurance providers allow foreigners to use Singaporean healthcare facilities while living in Singapore. It is essentially a foreigner’s version of the Integrated Shield Plan (though expatriates who do not receive the government-provided MediShield Life component). A health insurance plan that allows foreigners to use Singaporean healthcare facilities while living in Singapore. It is essentially a foreigner’s version of the Integrated Shield Plan.

AIA HealthShield Gold Max A For Foreigners

Quick and on the point. QuickDesk CRM apps are available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores, allowing you to take your business with you when you set up company in Singapore. With some of the best features to help your business grow, such as mass communication via customized emails and SMS, an automated activity tracker, and task management, it not only saves you time but also allows you to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Great Eastern SupremeHealth P Plus For Foreigners

SupremeHealth from Great Eastern is a four-tiered Integrated Shield Plan: Standard, B Plus, A Plus, and P Plus. For foreigners living in Singapore, only the SupremeHealth P Plus is eligible. Links to private hospital wards, a medical concierge program called HealthConnect, and affordable rates priced below the market average are only a few of the perks.

NTUC IncomeShield For Foreigners

NTUC IncomeShield is an Integrated Shield Plan with four tiers, three of which are open to foreigners (Preferred, Advantage, and Basic). Hospitalization and surgical operations are covered, as are outpatient therapies like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, as well as pregnancy and childbirth complications.

For most plan models, the premium for IncomeShield is smaller than the national average. The NTUC IncomeShield Basic and Advantage plans are very competitively priced in terms of premiums, with premiums that are lower than the market average.

EQ foreign worker medical insurance

This type of foreign worker insurance provider pays for each day of incarceration as an inpatient in a hospital on the advice of a physician, including lodging, general nursing care, and meals. They also cover the costs of regular room and board when an injured worker is admitted to a hospital’s intensive care unit. Finally, they cover the costs of prompt follow-up care by the same attending physician following a hospital or day surgery discharge.

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