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Posting & Article Contribution Guidelines

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Do you allow do-follow links within the content?

Yes, we do. If you are a SEO consultant we understand that you may want a link for PR for your clients. We accept a maximum of two links in each blog post. We do not accept links inserted anywhere else.

Can I include my author bio in my guest post?

Please note that submitting a post will mean that we own the rights to your content. We can include your author bio. But we will have to review that information and this may result in a longer editorial process. Kindly include details in the contact form.

What are the preferred content lengths for guest posts?

We welcome guest posts that range from 600 to 1,200 words. Aim for clear, concise content. No plagiarism is allowed1. Make sure your post is relevant to accounting topics. Quality matters more than length. Please note that we require everything to be fact checked and to be up-to-date with Singapore’s accounting standards.

Do you require unique and unpublished content about finance & business?

Yes, we do. We have many posts about accounting and HR. We are looking for new creative ideas. So feel free to send over any creative post titles about business like HR or IT! Being creative is an important part of a writer.2

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