WLP Global Accounting Network 

WLP Global Accounting Network offers our partners the opportunity to local businesses and like-minded professionals in all major markets globally, leveraging their combined expertise and knowledge accumulated over many years, thus allowing them to serve their clients better with global resources, business expertise and local market knowledge. It gives them the leverage to overcome client perceptions that they are not equipped to handle complicated client needs or cases that extend beyond international borders.

Rather than losing their growing clients to the bigger players in the market, our WLP Global Accounting Network partners are able to stay competitive and even capture new clients that ordinarily may have engage services from a larger service provider.

WLP Global Accounting Network members also provide high quality accounting advice to public and private firms of all sizes, extending accounting services to every jurisdiction beyond geographic limitations. Honest, consistent, friendly and personal approach coupled with high levels of professional advice and services is the trademark of our members.

Working with clients from diverse cultures gives members of WLP Global Accounting Network a platform to understand and learn unique perspectives related to different business practices and marketplaces. This also enables our members to meet expectations of international clients instead of losing them to bigger competitive firms in their industry. Our accounting networks and associations currently extend to three main countries Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Excellent Business Platform for Start-Up Companies

In addition, WLP Global Accounting Network provides an excellent platform for start-ups to register and perform all legal corporate dealing such as accounting, taxation, secretarial and marketing formations to meet professional standards and values in the most cost effective way.

To stay on top of the ever changing trends, international accounting agencies also need to work on innovative methods and intellectual capacities and WLP Global Accounting Network provides just that opportunity to counter these challenges. The unique business approach helps firms to extend their services including a full range of portfolio to improve profitability, as an integral part of the accounting network.