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Under Singapore Law if a company taxable turn over is more that 1 million it should register in GST.

W.L.P Group can help any company with their registration. Our personnel are waiting and will gladly provide help with GST Registation

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Our service for GST Application includes:
• Preparation of application forms (with supporting documents)
• Compilation of Supporting Documents supplied by Applicant
• Preparation of GIRO application form (for voluntary registration)


  •  Our representative will visit you personally and one (1) business owner/ director to be present
  • Bring NRIC and/or Passport of business owner/director;
  • ACRA Business Profile (not more than 2 weeks old) – latest can be purchased over the counter;
  • Bank Account Details for GIRO application
  • Completion of 20-minutes e-Learning Course: “Before I Register GST” (please provide screen-capture of quiz/course completion)
  • If you have started sales / received payment and are not only making out-of-scope supplies or exempt supplies that qualify for zero-rating, submit all the following documents where applicable :
    • Completed GST Calculator for last 2 years, if past sales is more than S$1m
    • Copy of latest Profit & Loss, including reports & notes to accounts (need not be audited)
    • Copies of 3 recent suppliers’ invoices received, including shipping documents
    • Copies of 3 recent invoices issued to your customers, including shipping documents
    • A copy of the 1st invoice issued to your customer, if sales started less than 1year
    • A copy of the signed contract(s), accepted tender, purchase order & other documents to support the forecast if you made a forecast that your sales for the next 12 months exceed S$1m
  • Upon receiving payment and supporting documents, we will proceed with GST application on your behalf. The entire application process takes approximately 4 weeks.


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Registered Office Service:

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