Guide for Singapore Permanent Resident Application

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WLP offer guidance on how to apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (Singapore PR). Below you’ll also learn about permanent resident eligibility, procedures for pr application, managing rejections and various PR schemes available for foreigners and corporate immigrants.

Many expats who work in Singapore consider become a permanent resident (PR) this is because it has many benefits including taxation, right to stay in Singapore, entering Singapore without restriction or visa. Nonetheless, there are only on average 30,000 applications succeed, to become a permanent resident, not only you have to be outstanding to compete in high volume applicants and time consuming throughout the application process. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Under the Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS scheme) and  Global Investor Program Scheme (GIP Scheme), foreigners can apply PR by following

  • Spouse and Unmarried Children (Below 21 years old) of a Singapore citizen or PR
  • Aged of parents of a citizen (under 50 years old)
  • Employment Pass and S Pass holders which includes personalized employment pass and entrepreneur pass
  • Investors or Entrepreneurs meeting eligibility criteria under GIP

Step-by -step guide for PR application

After you have met the criteria above, you need to think about your chance of approval.  Besides the type of employment pass, ICA would also need to take into consideration including 

  • Education Background. Singapore authorities give a lot of weight to your degree and institute.
  • Physical  stay in Singapore, this will convinced the authorities that you are planning to reside in Singapore
  • Employment background 
  • Credentials of your employer
  • Personal salary and financial
  • Character (Whether or not you are low-abiding citizen)
  • Families ties in Singapore
  • Charitable contributions toward society

Step 1 : Download documents and review filing requirements 

You can download the form online titled Form 4A and Accompanying Notes to Form 4A listed under PTS scheme.  Form 4A documents consists of two parts (1) PR Application Form (2) Annex A. The first part cover personal and family’s details, educational and professional history. The second parts need to be filled my employer, that need to describe the nature of business, salary and employment letter. In the second document contain explanatory notes on Form 4A which will need to pay attention on and to prepare supporting documents.

Step 2 : Prepare supporting documents 

After you have read and filled up the necessary documents, you will need to start compiling with the supporting documents. The list of supporting documents is provided in the Form 4A. Here are some additional guidelines to take into account: 

  • For each supporting document, make a scanned or duplicate copy, as you might required to upload the scanned copies.
  • If you have any document that is not in English, you must  translate to an official English and the safest approach is to get translated and stamped via embassy.
  • Employment appointment letters, performance evaluation reports, recommendation letters are necessary.
  • Include along document if you purchase a  property in Singapore, this will be consider as a positive factor.
  • Attach a copy of recent Resume/CV.
  • Lastly, prepare a cover letter whereby you can articulate your love for Singapore, financially and family stable.

Step 3 : Completing the PR application Form

Here are some of the additional helpful guidelines listed below :

  • Write down your education and employment history in chronological order.
  • In education qualification section, only list out your high school diploma and anything higher. However, if you cannot produce an appropriate certificate of your education, don’t list it, or else it will create unnecessary delay.
  • In the spouse and children section, the details must be completed even if they are not applying PR, there is a field where you can indicate whether or not you are applying for PR for your family members.
  • For Annex A it will usually last page of the PR application form ” Annex A to Form 4A, it has to be completed by your employer. Completion of this form is to serve as confirmation that information is accurate and valid and it does not imply Company’ Sponsorship. 

Step 4 : Submit PR Form 

Verify that you have completed (1) PR Form (2) completed Annex A from your employer (3) supporting documents online and ensure that all the forms and documents are up-to-date as of the date of online submission along with the necessary documents to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

 Step 5 : Wait for the results

It can take approximately 6-12 before you received from ICA months for the applications outcome. This process time might take longer or faster . If you do not receive the letter after 6 mouths and are anxious to know the status, you may call ICA and most of the time you will end up hearing  “it’s under procession”, unless it has been approved or rejected.

Step 6 : The Approval 

If your applications has been proceed successfully, Congratulations ! An approval letter will be sent to you, you will need to make a visit to ICA within 2 months. You need to make an appointment via ICA’s website. The officer will collect your documents and finish the necessary formalities.  Before making your trip to ICA, you must ensure that the list of documents on the approval letter prepared. Documents required for yourself and your PR applications would be : 

  • Original Copies of Approval Letter
  • Travel documents 
  • 2 recent colour passport-size photos 
  • Your Employment Pass and your family’s Dependent Pass/Permit
  • Medical check-up reports, which should be issued not more than 3 months before submission to ICA. Usually the result must involve HIV blood test and Chest x-ray.
  • Form EP 152, it need to be filled up and signed my your employer to ensure that your still working in the same organization.
  • Payment for identity card, re-entry permit and entry permit specified in the approval letter can be made via NETS or Cashcard only at the machine.

 Upon submission, the ICA officer will inform of the collection date for your identification card ( known as National Registration Identity Card, NRIC ). Once you have completed PR formalities, you are full-fledged Singapore permanent resident. With your new status, you can enjoy benefits given to citizen, this included the freedom to live and work in Singapore, priority government school and compulsory in Central Provident Fund (CPF) Scheme. Last but not lease, inform your employer of your new PR status and banks to update bank account personal details. 

Step 7 : Handling PR rejection

Dealing with disheartening moment, remember it’s not end of the world. There is no limitations on the PR application. You can still re-submit your PR application 6 months later as it’s unlikely your re-application will be approved in short period of time unless there is a notable change in your circumstances such as an increment in your salary, new qualifications and etc. or else it will be a wasted effort.

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Various Schemes for Singapore Permanent Residence

There are three schemes which a foreigner can apply for Permanent Residency. These schemes are design for professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and artists. 

  • Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS scheme)
  • Global Investor Program scheme (GIP scheme)
  • Foreign Artistic Talent scheme (ForArts)

PTS scheme. This scheme is applicable to professionals, technical personnel and skilled workers who worked in Singapore. The PR under this category is granted based on the employment profile, thus it is valid for Employment Pass or S Pass holders. An applicant’s family member can also apply for the PR. However, there are certain eligibility criteria and conditions that the applicant must meet before and after the granting of PR. For grant of successful PR depends on age, duration of stay in Singapore, employment history and etc.

GIP scheme. The Global Investor Program is an initiative launched by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM). It is a program for individuals and entrepreneurs who are keen to invest in Singapore businesses.  The GIP outlines the minimum investment required on the basis of which an investor along with his/her family member can apply PR in the country. The main criteria on the basis of GIP applications is approved is the applicant’s has a substantial business track record and successful entrepreneurial background. In addition, applicant will need to invest at least $2.5 million in a new business entity or expend an existing business in industrial such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, logistic & Supply chain management, shipping, family office & financial service and etc.

For Arts.  Introduced in 1991, the Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme is introduce by Singapore government to attract foreign arts talent and professionals to Singapore administrated by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the National Arts Council (NAC), the scheme is meant outstanding international arts professionals to become Singapore PR in recognition of their cultural significance and contribution. Before applying Pr, applicants must eligible and fulfill specific eligibility criteria.


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