If you are currently working in Singapore and are looking to move your family members to Singapore, you will required to apply for a Dependant’s Pass (DP). There are some criteria that need to be fulfilled before you can obtain a DP, and this article will provide more information on who can apply for this pass and the process of doing so.

What is a Dependant’s Pass?

A Singapore Dependant’s Pass (DP) allows immediate family members of existing Employment Pass, S Pass holders, EntrePass holders, or Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) holders to re-locate to Singapore if they are qualified for dependant privileges.

The qualifying criteria are that the existing work pass holders mentioned above must have a minimum salary of SGD6,000 per month. However, it differs for EntrePass holder whereby a minimum business spending and local employment are required.

The Dependant’s Passes allows you to live in, enter and exit Singapore freely without the need to apply for entry visas into Singapore. The passes are valid as long as the holder of the main Singapore work passes is still working in Singapore with a valid work pass and minimum salary requirements met.

Who can you apply a Dependant’s Pass for?

Eligible Work Pass holders are able to apply a Dependant’s Pass for their legal spouses and unmarried and/or legally adopted children under 21 years of age.

What documents do I need to apply for a Dependant’s Pass?

  • Completed DP application form
  • Recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant
  • Copy of the personal particulars page of applicant’s passport
  • Copy of the official marriage, birth or adoption certificates (if applicable)
  • Educational certifications (if applicable)
  • Verification of vaccination requirements documents (for children below 12 years of age)

All documents have to be in English, and any documents that are not in English must be translated by a certified translator and submitted with the original certified copy.

Renewal of Dependant’s Pass

The Dependant’s Pass renewal forms will be mailed together with the main work pass holder when the work pass is due for renewal to his/her employer.

Benefits of Dependant’s Pass

As a Dependant’s Pass holder, you will be allowed to work in Singapore with a Letter of Consent (LOC) which is to be applied by the employer. The validity of the LOC is tied to the validity of your Dependant’s Pass. It is to be renewed together with your Dependant’s Pass when due for renewal should you wish to continue employment in Singapore.

Your child/ children will be able to enroll in local schools in Singapore, there is no need for additional application of student pass.

If you need any assistance in applying for a DP or have some queries, contact us today so that we can provide you with all the information you will need. We can also help you to secure work passes such as the employment pass and work permit for you or your employees.