How being Xero certified enables WLP Group to help you better

WLP Group

We announced a while back that WLP Group’s a Xero gold partner! But what does that mean exactly and how does being a Xero gold partner enable us to better help you?

What is Xero?

We’ve already written a lot about Xero. But as a quick introduction – Xero is an accounting software company developed for SMEs. Xero is an Australian company but is very popular in Singapore. In fact, Enterprise SG supports Xero and subsidises up to 50% of the cost through the PSG Grant!

What is a Xero gold partner?

Becoming a Xero gold partner has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from other ordinary Xero accounting firms in Singapore. A Xero partner is a status within the Xero partner programme. There’s bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The higher the better. 

The only way to “level up” is to attain more points which is achieved by having more clients on Xero and using more of Xero’s features. For example, using Xero Projects helps Xero accounting firms to earn a couple of points.

Since we’re a Xero gold partner, this means that we’re currently maintaining between 300 and 999 partner points and get some awesome discounts that we can pass on to you. You can find out more about this here.

How does being a Xero gold partner help?

Being a Xero gold partner means that WLP Group has to stay up-to-date with Xero’s latest features and attend training sessions where our accountants and bookkeepers are tested on their familiarity with Xero. This means that you can be rest assured that all our accountants are familiar with Xero and will manage your bookkeeping as efficiently as possible.

In addition, we’re invited to Xero events and have the opportunity to listen to the intelligent folks at Xero and meet people from other Xero accounting firms. This means that we’re familiar with everything that goes on within the Singapore accounting space and any new ACRA rules or regulations that pop up.

That’s great! How can I move my SME over to Xero?

For more information about Xero small business accounting, contact our Xero accountants at +65 6493 2970.