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4 Years of experience in accounting for small businesses
2 Years of experience in helping small business owners to apply for PSG Grant
Janice also teaches Xero online courses at WLP Academy and loves sharing everything that she’s learnt about Xero!

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  • PEO And EOR Services That Makes Expanding In Singapore Easy

    Singapore is widely recognized as a premier destination for businesses seeking to expand in Asia. Its reputation is built on a strong economic infrastructure and a transparent regulatory framework. For businesses looking to establish a presence in Singapore, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of employment intricacies and compliance requirements. This is vital…

  • Benefits of keeping your bookkeeping data on the cloud versus on local hard drive

    Cloud versus on-premise. This was the battle that many accountants had and was a popular argument at the start of the accounting software industry. Today, this debate has been forgotten. Nearly every business from Apple to your local SME uses Xero cloud accounting software. What is the cloud? First things first. The cloud is not…

  • Why you should take advantage of the Xero PSG Grant for your Singaporean SME

    What is the PSG Grant? The PSG Grant is a government grant by Enterprise SG. It is a way for the Singaporean government to encourage local SME owners to adapt to new technologies with the goal to enhance business operations and increase efficiency. WLP Group is an accounting PSG Grant pre-approved vendor. This means that…