Limited Liability Partnership Set-Up

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Singapore 

  • A LLP is a business formed by minimum two to maximum twenty partners. Once the partnership exceeds more than twenty partners, the partnership must be registered as a company under the Companies Act, Cap. 50.
  • The partners are limited to liabilities incurred due to their own wrongful actions, however are not liable for loss and debts occurred by other partner(s).
  • Profits of the LLP are treated as personal income/ corporate income of the individual/ corporate entity who is part of the partnership, hence the profits are taxable to a tax rate as that of personal / corporate income.
  • LLP is not required to audit their accounts (unless special circumstances)
  • LLP has to file annual declaration of solvency with ACRA.

General Requirement

  • Any Singapore registered company or a natural person of at least 18 years of age is eligible to register a LLP.
  • A local Singapore address must be provided as the business address for the LLP. HDB/ URA address will have to seek written approval from HDB under the Home Office Scheme for usage of residential premises as a business address.
  • All Singapore citizens or PRs  partners  registering LLP must ensure that their Medisave accounts have sufficient funds and no outstanding amount before proceeding with the registration.



Fees Inclusive Of:

  • ACRA Name Search & Reservation
  • ACRA Application Fees
  • Set-Up Advisory
  • Bank Account Opening (OCBC/ UOB/ Maybank)

Required Information:

  1. Registered Business Address
  2. Proof of Residency for Foreign partner(s) only
  3. Preferred Bank for Bank Opening (OCBC/ UOB/ Maybank)

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