List of corporate secretarial companies in Singapore

Know More About Corporate Secretarial Companies in Singapore

Secretarial services is currently in demand in Singapore. With the current situation the world is in now more and more company are shifting to outsource their Corporate secretarial needs.

Here’s we are presenting you different corporate secretarial companies in Singapore, what are the benefits of outsourcing corporate secretarial services.

What is a corporate secretarial company?

Every company in Singapore needs a secretarial specialist during the incorporation process. Company secretarial services Singapore providers, such as WLP, maintain daily paperwork. The company secretary service Singapore consultants will prevent non-compliance with the legal framework. This includes company policies.

It is important for businesses to research a list of corporate secretarial companies in Singapore. Reading a list of corporate secretarial companies in Singapore will broaden your understanding of the corporate secretarial industry. You will be able to identify good company secretarial services Singapore providers. Thus, here is a summarized list of corporate secretarial companies in Singapore, that will help you with the process.

Top 5 corporate secretarial companies in Singapore:

  1. WLP Group
  2. In the span of five years, the WLP Group of Companies are proud to be one of the best company secretarial service Singapore providers. WLP group is consistently offering professional corporate secretary services that have assisted thousands of companies. These services are to follow the local law and jurisdiction.

    The service includes:

    • Filing of the company’s annual returns.
    • Preparation of notice and minutes of AGM (Annual General Management).
    • Professional secretarial advisory. Our experienced consultants will answer any questions you have regarding the topic of corporate secretary.
    • Setting up and maintenance of minutes file
    • Setting up and maintenance of statutory registers

  3. PB Corporate Services Pte Ltd
  4. Company formation specialists that provide company secretarial services Singapore consultants

    • They are registered with ACRA and SAICSA.
    • Professionally qualified to provide necessary corporate secretarial services, and annual return filing/business renewal.

  5. Osome Pte Ltd

    • As a company secretarial service Singapore provider, Osome uses artificial intelligence to manage all secretarial tasks online.
    • In-house mobile app used by customers to manage it all.

  6. A.1 Business Pte Ltd

    • Registered in 2007.
    • 12 years of operation.
    • Featured in media channels such as Yahoo, Reuters and E27.

  7. BDO LLP

    • Offer company secretarial services Singapore consultants.
    • 12 years of operation.
    • Wide range of fields of business in Singapore.
    • Includes subsidiaries for multinational corporations, public and private companies.

Which one to choose?

The corporate secretarial industry in Singapore is very competitive. Consisting of thousands of businesses in the field. The list of corporate secretarial companies in Singapore mentioned above are the topping of the cake.

There are many reasons for researching different corporate secretarial companies before deciding. This is to test whether they fit with your company’s needs and your budget. An appropriate suitability for your company will lead to smooth communication and actions.

WLP’s company secretarial services provides professional work for your company’s regulatory compliance. However, it is understandable that your company will want to consider other options before selecting a provider to work with.

The list of corporate secretarial companies in Singapore offered by WLP group is to show a transparent approach with our current and potential clients.

What Are The Benefits of a secretarial company?

Outsourcing the position of company secretarial services offers an array of advantages. This is if incorporating in a competitive environment like Singapore. Below are five benefits that company secretarial services Singapore consultancy firms can do for you:

Ease and convenience

If you hire a well-experienced company secretarial services Singapore provider, you can be sure that all administrative tasks will be done with ease. They are equipped to provide their service to be smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.

Handling of administrative requirements

The hiring of a company secretarial firm, like WLP group, will ease your workload when it comes to paperwork. The highly qualified and trained staff will handle all administrative tasks.

Reliable service

The right secretarial company will be timely with all regulatory requirements without any disruptions.

Comprehensive services

Professional company secretarial services Singapore firms, such as WLP group, offer a wide range of other activities such as incorporation, accounting services and payroll.


There is no need to hire and train an in-house secretary.

What Are The Risks of hiring a secretarial company?

Failure to follow the regulatory compliance, may cause severe implications for the company. This includes hefty fines and penalties, and in some cases imprisonment. That is why hiring a trustworthy and experienced company secretarial service Singapore provider like WLP group is crucial to your business. They know the ins and outs and have an in-depth understanding of Singapore corporate law.

Hiring a secretarial company is mostly advantageous for the business. However, a main risk would be to hire an inexperienced and incompetent company. This will affect your business operations. It is extremely important to choose wisely in this case.

As this is dealing with Singapore’s regulatory requirements under The Companies Act. For example, WLP group has many years of experience and have worked with reputable brand names such as Balmain Paris and NUS. Therefore it is a risk-free commitment.

What to look for in a good secretarial company?

A company secretarial service is a job filled with different responsibilities. It will require a combination of skills to handle all the various tasks set by the business. Here are three factors to look for in a good secretarial company:

  1. Prompt and professional communication
  2. Confident and strong communication skills is a certain requirement for this job. This is due to the important information to be conveyed and received without any disruptions. As this job entails certain governance issues, it is important for the individual to be proactive.

  3. Tech-savvy
  4. ACRA has computerized nearly all its operations. This means that it is important for your company secretarial service Singapore provider to ensure that they can comply with the technology. Using a more traditional route such as paper-based registers can have higher costs and be more time consuming.

  5. No to sales gimmicks
  6. Your business should be well aware of all costs when hiring the selected company secretarial service provider. Lower prices may be set to lure businesses. This will rise later due to hidden charges that were not previously disclosed.

In Summary

It is important to research a list of corporate secretarial companies in Singapore. This will enhance your knowledge into making the right decision. Take note of whether the corporate secretarial company fits your unique needs.

At WLP Group, we ensure top service to our clients regarding all company secretarial matters and more. Feel free to contact us at +65 6493 2970 for more information. Come in for a free consultation and see how our company incorporation Singapore specialists can help you incorporate a company!