PSG Grants for XERO Accounting


Guide to Using PSG Grants

What is a PSG (Productivity Solutions Grant) Grant?

Introduced by Enterprise Singapore, the PSG Grant is a Singapore government subsidy to encourage SMEs in Singapore to take on IT solutions costs and solutions to streamline business operations. In 2020, PSG Grants are amplify to fund up to 70% for solutions and tools to enhanced business processes.

Xero is an accounting software system that can be used to digitalise and automate accounting processes.

Eligible companies will be able to claim up to 70% grant on IT solutions and equipments including Xero which will help to increase business productivity.

WLP Group is an approved PSG grant vendor. We provide up to 70% PSG grants for local businesses and help you claim back thousands.

At W.L.P Group, we provide Xero Cloud Based Accounting System Packages customized to your business requirements that can be claimed under PSG through a pre-approved vendor.

WLP Group has been one of the top partners with Xero, with years of experience working with clients across various industries. WLP Group has assisted over hundreds of clients with their Xero implementation, migration of other accounting software to Xero, training and support to get them kick start on Xero.

Furthermore WLP Group is a well-trusted accountancy firm that provide corporate services to thousands over customers since 2013. Finding a trusted accountancy firm to assist you with your new accounting software set up will save you all the effort and time to get your system in order.

For a FREE Xero PSG Grant Application Consultation, contact WLP Group at +65 6493 2970.


Is PSG Grant a type of government grant?

Yes the PGS grant is a type of government grant. It is offered to local businesses in Singapore with the goal of helping businesses digitise their operations. For example, there are PSG Grants for accounting software and eCommerce development.

A music school may apply for a PSG Grant to develop an eCommerce booking website that allows students to book and pay for lessons online. The music school would then be able to claim up to 70% of the eCommerce web development cost.

Another example is if you are a SME owner looking to use Quickbooks or Xero as your accounting software. You will be able to claim Quickbooks under the PSG Grant. This is because Quickbooks will help your business become more efficient with accounting. In short, the PSG Grant is funding for SMEs in Singapore to help increase the overall productivity of local SMEs.

Is the PSG Grant only for SMEs?

Yes the PSG Grant is a IMDB government grant and only Singaporean SMEs are eligible. More specifically, if your SME is incorporated in Singapore and has a minimum 30% local shareholding, you’re eligible for the PSG Grant. However, it’s important to note that you will still have to apply for the PSG Grant and may be rejected if your company has just been incorporated.

Is there a limit on the PSG Grant?

Yes. The deployment location of each PSG Grant solution must be different.