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Looking for a good Singapore company registration services provider? Looking for a company incorporation Singapore service provider with unbeatable company incorporation fees? Then look no further than WLP Group!

WLP Group is a professional firm registered with ACRA. WLP Group acts on behalf of business owners in the company registration Singapore process. WLP Group also provides accounting and payroll outsourcing services. In addition, WLP Group provides HR shared services Singapore packages to entrepreneurs. You can engage in our Singapore company registration services. Work with WLP Group to incorporate your company in Singapore to enjoy greater convenience. Essentially, you will gain the peace of mind. Gain the peace of mind that your business registration Singapore process is in good hands.

Our Company Registration Singapore Service Suite aims to provide you with the essentials of a new company. Be assured that you will be supported during the company registration Singapore process. Regardless of whether you a MNC, WLP Group can help you through the application.

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INCORPORATION - *FREE (Exclusive of S$315 ACRA registration fee)

Incorporation Package Includes:

  1. Checking and reserving the company name.
  2. Preparing your local company constitution (memorandum & articles of the company).
  3. Preparing all registration forms for the process of company incorporation Singapore.
  4. Filing with ACRA to complete the business registration Singapore process.

*Free with engagement of secretarial service

*Call us at +65 6493 2970 for a free Singapore company registration consultation and chat with our experienced consultants !


Secretary Package Includes:

The service is handled by our in-house team of certified Corporate Secretaries with over 10 years of experience

  1. Provision of a named secretary for your company.
  2. Maintaining of company register and minute books.
  3. Preparation of documents for the Annual General Meeting. Documents are needed when due and applicable.
  4. Filing of the Annual Return to ACRA when due and applicable.
  5. Advisory on corporate secretarial government compliance matters.
  6. Automated reminders to inform you of your filing due dates.

All the Singapore company incorporation fees are included in the price. You only pay what you see. We typically get your company registered in 3 hours within the same day. For more information, contact us for a free Singapore company registration consultation!

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Business Registration in Singapore

Singapore Company Registration Services Q&A

 1. What is Required for a Successful Business Registration Singapore Setup?

Registering a business in Singapore is a fast and efficient process. Many claim that the entire registration process is lengthy and cumbersome. This is not true. You can start your business registration Singapore process online. However, note that you are required to meet and fulfil the following requirements:

Check if your desired company name is available before starting the company registration process. You can do so by checking with the ACRA government website. If found available, you need to pay for the booking incorporated company fees. These are the Singapore company incorporation fees for reserving your company name.

Second, you need to fill up essential Singapore government incorporation forms. In addition, you will need to prepare documents such as the new company’s constitutions which will state the:

  • Officers’ names. This includes the names of the director, corporate secretary and company shareholders.
  • Paid-up capital for the new Singapore company.

Requirements to Incorporate Company in Singapore

Finally, you can start the application once all the required documents have been prepared. Start the business registration Singapore application by filing the necessary materials with ACRA. Our team at WLP Group can perform all the three steps above for Singapore company registration and company incorporation.


2. What is the First Step to do Before Applying for WLP’s Company Registration Singapore?

Before you can register a company in Singapore, you must get your business name approved by the ACRA first. Registering your company name during the company registration Singapore process is not complicated. It is subject to the conditions below:

  • Your new Singapore company registration name cannot be identical to an existing business name in Singapore.
  • The name of your newly incorporated company must not infringe on any trademarks. Your business registration Singapore will be rejected by ACRA.
  • Lastly, your Singapore company registration name must not show any elements of obscenity or vulgar.


3. How fast till I receive the approval for the process of Singapore Company Registration Services?

The name of your new company can be approved instantly. With the help of WLP Group, your new business name can be approved without further delay from ACRA. This will allow you to start the company incorporation Singapore application as soon as possible.

However, your company registration name application will be rejected if ACRA’s rules are not followed.

A company name must be referred for further verification if the business name contains sensitive words. Sensitive words include “banks”, “broker”, “finance”, “legal”, “law”, “money lending”, “school”.

This can postpone your Company name approval process by another few weeks.

If ACRA approves your company name, you can book or reserve that name for up to 120 days. If you do nothing about it, or failed to incorporate your company or apply for our Singapore company registration services within the 120 days timeframe, the reserved title shall be released free.

Key Requirements of Business Registration in Singapore

Therefore, you have to be on the lookout for the approval after the process of company registration Singapore.

Alternatively, contact us for a free Singapore company registration consultation. Start the process of company incorporation Singapore as soon as possible!

4. What documents and forms are required for Singapore Company Registration?

You must get the following documents ready for new business registration in Singapore, once your business/company name is approved and reserved by ACRA.

Documents required by ACRA. One example is the Company Constitution. It is formerly known as the Articles of Association. Select between the standard Singapore Company Constitution (offered by ACRA) or design your own Company Constitution. Do take note that an ACRA standard constitution is acceptable for most small and medium-sized companies. The Company Constitution include terms that are deemed fair to all shareholders.

Signed ACRA Forms (for both Director and Secretary). Both local and foreign directors must sign and consent to act as Company Director. Meanwhile, a company secretary is required to sign and agree to serve as the Company Secretary.

Original Identification Documents. Do note that the identification documents have to be checked and verified by CSP. Every official of the Company must produce identification documents. Identify documents include the Singapore NRIC, PRs, passports (for foreigners) and proof of residential address. Proof of residential address includes lease agreements and utilities bills.

KYC and due diligence. The ACRA and the actual Corporate Service Provider (CSP), such as WLP Group, need to perform a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) due diligence. Before dealing with the potential client, we will verify that all official documents are in English and error-free.

5. What is the Typical Timeframe Required to Register a Company in Singapore?

The typical timeframe depends on the corporate entity type.

To register a private limited company, it would take a longer time that incorporating a sole proprietorship. However, WLP Group and other Corporate Service Provider (CSP) can start helping you to register your new company online. This is provided that all company incorporation Singapore forms are ready to be filled.

Usually, this takes less than 3 hours to complete. This is apart from several exceptional cases. One example of an exceptional case is the process of business registration Singapore is transferred to another government agency for further vetting.

In unfortunate cases, the entire business registration process may take up to 4 weeks or a month to process.

Singapore Flag

6. Could a Foreigner go through the Business Registration Singapore process themselves?

Foreigners can freely register a company in Singapore and posses 100% shares of their Company. All foreigners have the option to run their Singapore company locally or in overseas.

However, foreigners must secure an Employment Pass (EP) or Work Pass Visa should he or she want to work in Singapore. You must check in with company incorporation officers to ensure that you have met all the requirements and guidelines.

In addition, all foreigners are required by Singapore regulations to incorporate a company through the help of a business registration specialist or consultancy.

7. Could a Foreigner perform Company Incorporation Singapore Without The Assistance of a Corporate Service Provider (CSP)?

The answer is a straight no! The Singapore government forbids foreigners to register a Singapore company without engaging a third party CSP. Foreigners need to use a local Singapore company registration services provider. Incorporation services providers include WLP Group. WLP Group acts as the Filing Agent on behalf of our clients.

The Filling Agent is also known as the Singapore company registration services provider. The Singapore company registraion services provider is a company secretary. The company secretary must be  a resident of Singapore and fully comprehends the Singapore company law in detail.

Click on the link here if you need in-depth information about our Singapore company registration services.

What’s next? After setting up a new company, you will need to find a trusted accountant. The accountant must help your new company’s accounting and payroll services.

Keen to find out about our Singapore company incorporation fees? Call us at +65 6493 2970 for a free Singapore company registration consultation!

8. How can a Foreigner Wind Down a Company Started in Singapore?

A company that was registered in Singapore and is unable to pay off its debts and liabilities may be wound up in a mandatory manner. The Singapore incorporated company will be wound up under an Order of the Court, if the Court is of opinion that it is just and reasonable to do so.

The liquidation proceedings may be initiated by the company itself. The proceeding may also be initiated by creditors, shareholders and the judicial manager with the High Court. Thereafter, the Court will appoint a liquidator to wind up the company. Foreigners going through the business registration Singapore must apply through a local firm. Laws and regulations for company foreclosure may be different for foreign-owned business entities.

The liquidator appointed will review the Singapore company’s assets and the claims made by the creditors. The liquidator or company incorporation officer will also investigate the conduct of its local and foreign directors. Additionally, the liquidator will investigate other important people within the company. Any person found realising the company’s assets in a way that is not of best interest to the company and its creditors will be fined and punished. The liquidator may also authorise the business to carry on if he or she deems it as the most advantageous option. The officers of the company are stripped of their power to continue operating the Singapore company.

However, they have the duty to cooperate and assist the liquidator or company incorporation officer to run the company and assist in the company matters. Eventually, the liquidator will consolidate all the claims lodged against the company. This is after all assets of the Singapore-registered business have been assessed and dealt with. The liquidator may admit or reject them accordingly as he or she deem fit. Any the settlement of all claims, the surplus (if any) will be returned to the company’s shareholders.


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