Using HDB/ Private Residential Property as Registered Business Address

13 Feb Using HDB/ Private Residential Property as Registered Business Address

Home Office Scheme

A Singapore Registered Entity are allowed to make use of their personal residential properties (HDB/ Private Home) as their registered business address as long as the Home Office regulations and guidelines are satisfied and the use of residential address does not affect the neighbors in a negative manner.


Requirements & Guildelines

  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or above
  • The Applicant has to be the flat owner, legal occupier, or tenant of the flat
  • The property has to be primarily used as a place of residence, with business operations as the secondary purpose
  • Does not apply for Society


Your business operations in the property must not and not allowed to:

  • Produce noise, smoke, odour, chemical/ liquid waste, or dust
  • Be illegal
  • Cause heavy human or vehicular traffic to the neighborhood
  • Cause annoyance or disturbance to the residents or public
  • Retail of  physical goods in or around the flat
  • Display any signage, advertisements, posters, etc



Home Office Scheme – Permitted Businesses

Accountancy services

Architectural services

Consultancy services (business, engineering, IT, management or education)

Design/Advertising services

Insurance/Financial planning services

Real estate agencies

Technology based and knowledge intensive businesses

Trading office


Home Office Scheme – Non-Permitted Businesses


Beauty, hair dressing or massage therapy services

Contractors Business

Car trading business

Card reading/palm reading or fortune telling in any form


Clinics and pharmacies (e.g. dental, medical, veterinary)

Commercial school (e.g. dance, music, language, tuition centre)

Courier business

Classes on dress-making and embroidery

Employment agency

Funeral chapels or homes

Maid agency


Manufacturing, preparation or processing of any products and goods

Money lending businesses


Repair activities (e.g. household appliances, electrical products, footwear, etc.)

Sales/marketing that involves conducting seminars and talks for large number of customers

Shops and any form of retail activity, including pet shops

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