Why choose XERO

When you hit up a search button countless of searches will appear, it can be counterproductive, leaving you stranded in a pile of confusing information to the point where you almost wished you did not search for them in the first place. The internet is useful as it may never give you a definitive answer either, it is all about choices then endless trial and error. However when it comes to business if there is a highway to simplicity that could save time it is a god send. And personally I would highly recommend one such software that has been easily the favorite and useful among some millions users out there, and that is XERO Software.

Before delving in any further let us have a quick look on how one should engage with XERO. In general, it is easy to use; all you need to do is register and install the software. Nevertheless there are 3 tiers of plans to choose from. Xero’s most basic plan comes at a tempting $9 per month, though with a limited feature set whereby you can only send 5 invoices and quotations, entering of up to 5 bills and reconcile only up to 20 bank transactions. It is far from sufficient for most of the businesses thriving out there. Therefore, their mid-price plan (Growing) will most likely fit most of requirements for small to midsize businesses. With just $30 per month, subscribers can send invoices and quotes, enter bills and reconcile bank transactions. But, in order to get the full functionality, Xero’s top plan (Established) is the only way to go. It gives you additional functions beside what you paid for in the “Growing” tier, which includes multi-currency functionality, capture and manages claims, and track project time and costs at only $60 per month.

Xero is accounting software similar to many other cloud base software in the market but what Xero sets itself apart are the add-ons it can supply which is as many as 700 integrations you can possibly think of. Integration of application is not to be looked down upon as it not only saves time, it can at times conserve huge sums you never thought could have happened with efficient data management. To be prepared is better to be caught off guard. The spare cash flow you had “miraculously” saved can be vital for when pandemic arise or to venture further into new opportunities when the chances come by. With such a vast amount of integration, regardless of the forms of business you can create is what Xero as a platform can provide to help streamline all the impossibly time consuming tasks. Some of the functions Xero features are inventory tracking, booking management, finance analysis, POS, GPS tracking, CRM, Tax tools, debt collection, HR Payroll and many more. 

It is important to get your message straight to point when doing business with multitude of vendors and customers. And Xero pride itself in their tagline as “Beautiful business” by making accounting sleek and enjoyable. The carefully crafted invoices the software produces are clear cut with none of the clutter that would cloud the payer’s view. With that in mind it could greatly help the ever busy client complete the payment promptly without having to look at the numbers multiple times which in turn can minimize the error in payments because rectifying it might take up some time as well.

 One of the biggest benefits of Xero, is that no matter which of the three plans chosen you have the ability to add an unlimited number of users to the account. As a small business giving access to a bookkeeper, accountant, tax advisor, or simply to members of your staff, without having to pay additional fees is particularly useful to collaborate seamlessly and effectively in a much higher degree .With other accounting software there is a maximum number that you could only add even though you might paid for the higher tier subscription.

If all there are not enough to convince you to try XERO then there is one ULTIMATE Perks to try it out especially if you are in Singapore that is as of now, at this very moment the government is trying their very best to advocate digitization of businesses. It is an opportunity not to be missed because with PSG Grant you get up to 80% of funding support. When you appoint a vendor for XERO and from there accept their offer, you will be able to enjoy the benefit presented. 

So, join us now at XERO and relish the power of efficacy, flexibility and optimized functionality.