28 July 2023

Episode 1


Podcast Series

Episode 1

Podcast Series – Episode 1

Li Han from WLP Group sat down with Esther Li from Xero to discuss the automation in accounting.

The conversation shed light on how Xero’s automation features and integrations can revolutionise the way businesses handle their financial tasks.

Discover how Xero’s cutting-edge cloud accounting technology and power automation features have revolutionised the accounting industry.


Li Han

WLP Group


Esther Li

Partner Success Manager
Xero Asia

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Singapore’s most trusted accounting software

Xero’s commitment to helping small businesses succeed has won us Innovator of the Year – Financial Technology award for the second year.

Xero is the core platform

Xero is the core platform for all businesses. Forget about costly ERPs. Xero is more than an accounting software.

With all its add-ons, Xero functions more like Apple’s ecosystem.

Xero’s apps are similar to iPhone apps and you can add integrations from POS systems to F&B inventory add-ons to your Xero account.

Xero has helped businesses in Singapore streamline processes, enhance efficiency and achieve remarkable success.

In this episode, Esther Li shares her incredible journey to becoming a key figure at Xero Asia.

Having spent two decades in Sydney with a chartered accounting firm, Esther’s expertise and passion led her to become Xero certified in 2014.

She witnessed the rise of cloud accounting in Australia and recognised its potential to transform businesses.

Discover how Xero emerged as a leading brand in Asia, empowering sole traders and enterprises to access their accounts anytime, anywhere, all on their mobile devices.

Discover how Xero’s cutting-edge cloud accounting technology and powerful automation features have revolutionised the accounting industry.

In a recent podcast session, Li Han from WLP Group sat down with Esther Li from Xero to discuss the automation in accounting.

The conversation shed light on how Xero’s automation features and integrations can revolutionise the way businesses handle their financial tasks.

Esther is the partner success manager from Xero Asia. She is responsible for supporting advanced Xero partners to leverage Xero efficiently.

Esther has extensive background in the finance industry, having worked with major firms like Deloitte and Pricewaterhouse before joining Xero.

Direct bank feeds

In the podcast, both talked about Xero’s cloud accounting platform with direct bank feeds. The bank feed automation with local banks like DBS has streamlined the accounting process for businesses and accounting firms.

With real-time data integration, accountants can now reconcile and generate reports immediately after the month-end close, eliminating the long delays associated with traditional methods.

Xero’s ecosystem

Esther Li further talked about the importance of Xero’s ecosystem, which includes over 1000 accredited applications that integrate seamlessly with the platform.

These add-ons cater to various industries and functions, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the tools that best suit their needs. From point-of-sale systems for food and beverage businesses to powerful reporting add-ons like Sfye, the options are abundant.

Examples of Xero integration

Furthermore, Xero’s OCR function in Hubdoc and the expense claim module significantly simplifies data entry tasks.

By scanning receipts and automatically populating key data into the accounts, businesses can save time and improve accuracy. Xero’s commitment to providing these powerful tools empowers businesses to focus on reviewing reports and providing valuable insights to their management.

Using Xero as an ERP system

The integration of these add-ons not only automates processes but also enhances the overall efficiency of businesses.

Esther pointed out that companies can select and integrate add-ons as they grow, avoiding the costly and cumbersome implementation of an entire ERP system. This modular approach allows businesses to adopt technology at their own pace, ensuring that they fully utilise the tools they need without unnecessary expenses.

Potential downsides of automation

However, the conversation also touched on the potential downsides of automation. Esther and Li Han stressed the importance of change management in the implementation process.

Transitioning from traditional accounting practices to automated systems can be challenging for some businesses, and a steep learning curve might discourage staff from fully embracing the technology.

Seeking guidance from experienced advisors like WLP Group becomes crucial in overcoming these challenges and maximising the benefits of automation.

Xero’s comprehensive support

In response to this concern, Li Han highlighted Xero’s comprehensive support and resources. Xero’s support has been instrumental to WLP Group.

Xero Gold Partner

The Xero Learning Center, support team, and regular product updates keep businesses informed and equipped to handle the changes.

WLP Group, being a Xero Gold Partner, also plays a significant role in guiding businesses through the automation journey.

August 2, 2023

Episode 1


Podcast Series

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The podcast between WLP Group and Xero has shed light on the transformative power of automation.

Li Han and Esther talks about the benefit of Xero for businesses of all sizes.

From streamlining day-to-day tasks to unlocking valuable insights, automation has become a necessity for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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With the support of Xero’s resources and experienced partners like WLP Group, businesses can embark on their automation journey with confidence, knowing that they have the tools and guidance needed to succeed.

As Xero continues to innovate and release new features, the potential for businesses to harness automation’s full capabilities is limitless.

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